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Google Search, Title Tags & Backlinks with Barry Schwartz

September 16, 2020

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable and Search Engine Land discusses Apple’s possible entry into search and Google’s newly released feature inside of Image Search that allows people to license images directly from the source. He also shares his take on title tags, backlinks, and tweets from the Google Webmaster team.  

Managing 3 Podcast Shows with Dave Hamilton

September 12, 2020

Dave Hamilton shares how he manages running three different podcast shows – Mac Geek Gab, Gig Gab, and The Small Business Show. From curating topics and planning episodes to connecting with listeners and promotion, Dave shares his experiences from over six years of podcasting.

Big Tech & Digital Publishing with Simon Andrews

September 11, 2020

Simon Andrews from the Mobile Fix newsletter shares his thought on third-party data and the ‘death of cookies’. He also discusses Google’s dominance in the market, Facebook’s stand against recent Australian legislation about news, and how Apple may try to compete with Google in search.

Newsletter Strategies with Tyler Benedict

September 10, 2020

The Founder of Bike Rumor and Peak Content Summit, Tyler Benedict, shares his insights from running two different email newsletters. From formatting and advertising to growth strategies and how to track performance, Tyler discusses the ins and outs of running a successful newsletter.